The Blue Room’s Best Television 2018

A gay woman from the north west tip of my island had a year to remember for all of us. It started with her contemplating retirement from stand up and ending with her being in the running, in the light of ‘Me Too’, to host the Oscars. Hannah Gadsby is a true original and moved the planet on its axis and changed the face of her profession with the searing ‘Nanette’ for Netflix. She is thankfully no longer contemplating giving the game away. She is marvellous. Do we all now say a collective ‘Sorry’ for what never should have been and hopefully never will be again?

But its getting ridiculous, the good stuff that keeps lighting up our small screens, from a plethora of platforms. And the beauty is that most who now read the lists below can, by pressing a few buttons on a hand held device, view most of the items at any time they desire. And so to television 2018:-

1. Nanette – Netflix


2. Babylon Berlin – Netflix. Germany just before Hitler was a goldmine for those on the make as well as the bohemian.


3. Bodyguard – Netflix. Action, action, action at a frenetic pace – and the surprises! Love Keeley Hawes.


4. Killing Eve – ABC. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer spectacular as the odd couple in this violent delight.


5. Endeavour – ABC. Every episode eminently watchable and atmospheric of a time that we can only hanker for.

6. The Bridge S4 – SBS. Sad to see her and it go. It was the epitome of Scandi-noir.

7. Black Mirror S1- 4 – Netflix. Uneven, but at its best this omnibus is terrific for imagining what lies ahead of us in the digital age.

8. Squinters – ABC. Such a simple concept of mates, travelling together through the traffic, just having a chat.

9. The Kominsky Method Netflix. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin taking us on a different sort of journey through the pitfalls of old age.

10. Monash and Me – ABC. Peter Greeve brings a wartime hero back to earth.

The Best of the Rest – The Ozarks – Netflix, The Sinner – Netflix, Simon Reeves Burma and Russia – SBS, Shetland – ABC, Get Shorty – Stan, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – Netflix, Spin – SBS, Howard’s End – ABC, Cardinal – SBS, Food Safari Water – SBS, Great British Food Revival – SBS, Shameless (US version) – Netflix, Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father – Netflix, Apple Tree Yard – ABC, The Split – ABC, Line of Duty S5 – ABC, Poldark – ABC, Loch Ness – ABC, Das Boot – SBS, Tick, F***ing Tock – ABC, Joanna Lumley The Silk Road – ABC, Dying Laughing – SBS, Jimmy Barnes Working Class Boy – Seven, Springsteen on Broadway (Netflix), A Private Life (Netflix),Vikings (SBS).

Guilty Pleasures – Doctor Doctor – Nine, 800 Words (sad to see it go) – Seven, A Place to Call Home – Fox..

Special Mention – the Noni Hazlehurst and Ernie Dingo episodes of Who Do You Think You Are – SBS.

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