Alone Again, Unnaturally

I am alone in my hotel room in Sydney. The day lies ahead and I know I’ll enjoy it very much, but I also know the joy will be tempered because she’s not with me. She adds to the lustre. Yep, it’s not ideal and sometimes, when I’m on my tod, I also get those feelings Wendy had about not leaving her hotel. But I do and I’m always glad I did. At least I’ll have something to report back when the nightly phone call goes south. It’s perfectly understandable. There are reasons such as work and family commitments, as well as climatic factors, that preclude her from sharing some of my travels. I just adore it, though, when she can.

There was a year I lost my mojo completely. She, for various reasons, wasn’t free to get away at all and I, always craving her company, thought ‘Bugger it, Hobs has plenty to offer year round so I’ll just stay put. At least I’ll save some dough.’ I did, but eventually my mojo came back and I regretted being so silly.

Being ‘alone again, unnaturally’ usually just means sojourns to the north or across to Melbourne – and now Sydney. Over the years I’ve managed to have interesting little adventures. I’ve had them this time too, here in Harbour City, which I daresay I will write up on my return, fodder for my scribblings.

They are very mini compared to Ms Squires’ encounters in Paris with drag queens, the Rajasthan wedding or the Osaka tour guide, but, nonetheless, there always seems to be something that lobs up unexpectantly to remove some of the nagging aloneness of being away from she who makes my life complete.

In recent times my attention has been drawn to Singapore where a combination of family and friends have reported that they had a magic time. They also reckoned I’d cope quite well on my own. But really that would start getting up there into Squires’ territory. Will I challenge myself to go that one step further in being ‘alone again, naturally’ on foreign soil? I’ll give it some serious bath time rumination.

Wendy Squires’ column =

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