Queen Bee

Author’s note – contains spicy writing. NSFW

She shimmered and sashayed down the steps towards him. Not a glance did she cast, though, toward the ageing photographer. Invisible. But he noticed her. How could he not? She was clad, loosely, in a vaguely metallic sheathe; full breasted, full-lipped, voluptuous, delicious – with her flowing, wiry hair all akimbo. Dusky-skinned, she was. Succulent was a word that seemed to him to be appropriate for her. He continued on his way, but she lingered in his mind. He was killing time, snapping the blooms, as you do. A sprinkler had been on earlier, the droplets remaining on the petals. Tiny bees were buzzing about. He clicked away, but it was a woman in full bloom he was thinking of.


The gardens that spring day were glorious still, but it was all about to turn as the summer approached. He took the opportunity to point his camera around as he waited to meet his friend down at dockside. Through the lens he caught sight of her again. This time she was accompanied by two others, both on her left side. He could see that, in relation to her, they were dowdy. Dressed in dun colours, with short cropped hair for convenience, they looked as if they came from a completely different world. They resembled two female drones around their queen bee. They were nondescript, a bit like him, he supposed. It was as if, no matter how much effort they put in, they couldn’t outshine her, so why bother? Almost as if they dressed down to heighten the difference. He caught her walking away in the corner of the frame and captured her for his posterity. The other two, if they appeared, he’d crop out later. He liked figures in his photographs. He was always careful to click from a discreet distance. It added something – and, there, another. He could now keep the vision of her with both.


He woke to gentle stroking, her head close to his. She was smiling broadly. He noticed she had reapplied her lipstick and she smelled of something sprayed on, something musky, almost earthy. It was the same scent as last night – a turn on in itself. The stroking had become more urgent. ‘More?’, she inquired. ‘Gee for a bloke getting on, Mr Business Man, you were quite something last night, weren’t you? Let’s see what we have left to work with this morning.’

He knew it was going to be expensive, but the visit to the city, from his provincial town, was another opportunity. He’d lash out this time though, treat himself to something special. He’d done it before on previous trips – frequented brothels or hired a call-girl for a couple of hours. But he’d never felt really satisfied. He knew they went into robotic mode – the deed was done and sometimes it was all over before it could present him with anything like the other relief he was desperately looking for. He needed, just for a time, to forget his soul-less life, his hectoring sexless wife, the big house she kept soul-less to impress her social circle. So soul-less it was as barren and as unwelcoming to him as his parched marriage. He wanted to forget his two sons who thought they owned the world, as long as they were well supplied with his money, as he slaved to earn their exorbitant private school fees. He disliked their sense of entitlement immensely. Well, this night he was going to be entitled for a change. He’d paid for a whole twelve hours. He booked her on-line. He knew much of it was spin. But she sure looked like that something special. He hoped beyond hope she would be worth it. That next morning he knew it was. He knew what it was to feel alive again.


He answered the knock shortly after ten and she strutted in. He sensed by her demeanour that she’d done this many times before. She put her hand out without a word and he handed over the agreed amount. ‘Tell me what you want, Mr Business Man. Tell me what you like.’ He thought, then replied, ‘Just you around me for a whole night. It’s been a while.’

We’ll soon fix that, Mr Business Man.’ She took a packet of condoms out of her bag. ‘Guess we’ll need a few of these. What do you reckon?’ She didn’t wait for an answer before ordering him to dispense with his trousers and underwear. ‘Now, let’s have a look at you.’ After her examination she covered his penis. She was out of her dress and her own undergarments in a flash, pushing him down onto the bed. She roused him to erection with her hand, straddled him and as he suspected it would be, it was over before he could count to ten.

He started to apologise. ’Don’t worry about it. That’s normal in your situation. It’ll be the second one you remember. I’ll make sure of it.’ He would, as it turned out. He’d remember it forever.

Next morning she raised herself up and over him, rubbing herself against him. She tried, but it was to no avail. He’d felt a tingle, but essentially he was spent. He gave her a wan smile and a pat to indicate he wasn’t up to it and she lay back down beside him.


As he relaxed beside her he cast his mind, happily, back to that promised second time. She knew how to treat a man, that was evident. She got his juices going again. Slowly, tenderly, almost lovingly their foreplay had continued for, it seemed, hours. She licked, his tongue explored – he breathing in her fragrant skin. And she made all the right noises at the end of it all, but he suspected they weren’t the real deal. But him? Well, he felt exultant in the aftermath. A weight had been lifted.

He was then drawn from his reverie by more tugging on his penis. There was some urgency to her action this time. He realised she was beside him pleasuring herself – and this time the orgasm was real. ‘Well, Mr Businessman, we’re both happy now. And thank you for last night, sir. It was yummy.’ She gifted him with a deep kiss and his organ one last squeeze. ‘There’s plenty of life in you yet, don’t you worry.’

She hopped out of bed, reached into her bag and placed a card on his chest. ‘For the next time you’re in these parts.’ Donning her clothes, including her green shiny dress, she then sat in front of his mirror to touch up her make-up. He enquired about what she was doing for the rest of the day. He was reluctant to let her go, thought maybe she might be interested in breakfasting with him. When he asked she responded, ‘Sorry sweetheart. That’d be just lovely. Maybe next time, but now I’m due to meet a couple of girlfriends coming in on the train from the ‘burbs. They’re both mums with young kiddies and I’ve known them both most of my life. We’re going across the road to the gardens. You can see them out your window. We’ll have a coffee in the cafe there and catch-up on the goss. They reckon I spice up their lives with my glamorous one. I don’t tell them everything though. Only the good bits. And you’re one of the good bits, don’t worry. If they only knew, Mr Businessman.’ With that she slipped on her shoes and was out the door.

He was soon on his way too. He felt a spring in his step that wasn’t there yesterday. Life, all of a sudden, didn’t seem that bad. He’d try to be more positive. Maybe he could make some changes at home – but he’d make sure he’d keep that card safely tucked away.

On his way back from snapping the flower beds the old guy spotted her again, this time holding court on a seat with her two friends. They were laughing as she smoked and regaled them with some obviously hilarious tale. He took another quick photo. Usually for him a woman smoking was a turn-off, but with her, even at a distance, he found it strangely alluring.


It was almost the appointed time so he headed off, walking past the trio, still deep in conversation. Near a statue he turned to capture it, then realised he could, with the distance, include her for she was just in the corner of his view down through the lens. He did so. He wondered, as he trudged off, if what he did was akin to stalking. Glory be, he had nothing salacious in mind with the beauty – just beauty itself. He didn’t see himself as a pest being so distant from the subject – but who knows in this day and age? Besides, he was a deeply contented man. He had enough warm and wonderful memories of his own to last a lifetime. But that’s the best bit, he concluded. Just the conjuring.

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