Coventry Street Love

I favour Coventry Street above all others. For me it’s the bee’s knees and always a must when I visit Yarra City. Here the shopping is easy and well suited to my tastes. It’s quite eclectic, with there being a plethora of cafes to choose from, for pit stops, as a bonus. Cafe Dre, The Goodegg and the Bunyip are all ones I have frequented. Sadly the revamped food court at the Markets themselves, for some strange reason, are not nearly as enticing for me as before their make-over, but I am a fan of the paella at Simply Spanish – to be found pavement-edge on the Cecil Street side of the Market. Of course, we’re talking of South Melbourne in all this. Its market, in my opinion, leaves the Victoria version for dead – at least in the latter’s present incarnation.

As for the Markets themselves, I cannot possibly outdo Mr Cameron’s evocation. I have my favourite sites, always ensuring I part with some dosh, there amidst the plentiful array of stalls. Being in the seafood, meat, chicken, and pasta sellers sections, as well as the various delis, craft alcohol outlets and all that fresh fruit and vegies, is one of the few times I ever wish I was a native Melburnian.

So next time you find yourself with half a day or so to spare in the city across the briny from us, hop on the No.96 heading to St Kilda from the CBD and alight at the South Melbourne stop. Proceeding up the embankment steps will bring you to within a few doors of the Markets and you are already on Coventry. When you can drag yourself away from its delights to wander further up the street, you will find a great bookshop. Further along is Paperpoint, specialising in stationery and cards and a little way up Union Street, running off Coventry, is Licorice Homewares (No.8), with its wonderful display of cheap wooden ducks. There’s arguably the best chocolate shop in the city in Bibelot (285-287) and for upmarket fashion, several Mr Darcys. If you’re feeling energetic and have more time, head down Claredon Street, away from the city, for more interesting outlets, including another of my favs in Made in Japan. This is down a lane-way (Wynyard Street). Several blocks further on the No.1 Tram runs back to the CBD. If you love art then there’s the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art en route to entice – a mini MONA-like experience.

But now, if you need more persuasion, it’s over to Anson :-

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