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Marta was telling how she had her start, ‘I was looking for some photos and drawings for my characters in a role-play game on-line,…(browsing) on websites such as Flickr and DeviantArt…because I loved looking at beautiful images.’ She was so taken by what she found she wondered if she could become involved in that scene too. In a remarkably short time photography became her hobby, then vocation. So, going full circle, I was meandering around the latter mentioned in the ether when I discovered, for myself, the attributes of Ms Bevacqua and her ethereal art.

Marta Bevacqua01

Just fancy – so young and she has already garnered quite a standing. It’s hard to imagine, I guess, for my generation that what is viewed on-line now inspires artistic careers. In my day that sort of thing was found in real art galleries, in the traditional popular media or from books. Nowadays the world is just so accessible and those of Marta’s tender years take to it as if it’s the most natural activity there is. She only graduated from high-school in 2008, for heaven’s sake. It still seems amazing to me, the digital landscape – I wonder what will be ‘amazing’ when her generation is as far as I am down the track? This year she will turn 27, yet this native of Rome has already been in the world of her creative passion for a decade or more, earning monetary recompense from it. If she’s this proficient now, what will she be capable of by the time she reaches the ages of most of the purveyors of her craft I check out on my laptop.

Marta Bevacqua05

There always seems to be the one image that eye-enchants enough to stimulate further investigation. If you do visit her profile page on Deviant you will possibly encounter this image, the one that led me to delve somewhat further by clicking on Marta B’s ‘galleries’ icon. If not, it will surely be within, on her own site or the other places that host her product, such as Instagram and Behance. As for the particular picture, there’s a girl and a dog/wolf together peering out into the distance. Was it because the human subject appeared as lupine as the canine beside her I was attracted? I was soon finding other images of this photographer I could appreciate just as much.

Where has this camerasmith found the necessary stimulus to provoke such gorgeous finished products? ‘I live in a beautiful country house surrounded by green trees everywhere. I think that I would never have started taking photographs at all if I didn’t live there.’

Marta Bevacqua06

Books, movies, music and the work of other artists also get her mojo running. There are a preponderance of portraits in her oeuvre and that’s how she found her start when she was a mere slip of sixteen. She made portraits of herself, her two sisters and a number of close friends; made up a portfolio and duly submitted it to agencies – at least one being impressed enough to start her on her way. Her stuff is popular with many book publishers for covers and observing her images, they do seem the bees’ knees for enhancing chic lit/romantic genre fare. Now days commissions also come in from fashion houses to promote their brands in magazine shoots. Naturally she exhibits as well. She has also spent time in Paris to discover if an immersion in that city will open her up to new directions in her work.

Marta Bevacqua08

She is the first to admit she is still on a learning curve to hone her technique, but when asked to produce three words to describe what she wants from each photograph she offers up ‘dreamy, storytelling, imagination.’ Simple words maybe, but for this youthful Italian, if the stars align, could she be on the cusp of being a significant player?

Marta’s DeviantArt gallery =

On location with Marta =

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