Yes, we’ll call him Chern. I reckon most English speakers would call him that to his face in any case. His name’s a real mouthful – Gennadiy Chernomashintsev. See what I mean?

One of the joys of my on-line perusings is looking at professional photography websites. I’d never be as expert at pointing the camera as those guys, but a fella can dream. There are countless out there in the ether so it takes something special to stand out. His did. Chern’s.


With those that tease my senses I then tend to delve a tad deeper. In doing so I found an article about Chern. It stated that he was a throwback to a golden age of fashion photography – the period the great Bailey encapsulated. In Chern’s work there was ‘…not a drop of colour to be found, plenty of grain and a style that was immediately recognisable.’ This photographer takes his cues from the past, from the ’50s through to the ’80s, but unlike many purists he does not eschew digital technology. He reckons both can co-exist, so when the new paraphernalia came along he worked assiduously to ensure that, for him, the change over would be seamless.


Chern was born in the old USSR back in 1968. His father purchased him a camera at a young age and he was immediately captivated. On leaving school he found himself trying a variety of ways to earn a crust – as a poet (as if), composing music (maybe); before ending up in advertising (jackpot). In this he gradually realised that, with photography, a future was there for him to grasp.

After Russia lost the Cold War Chern moved to Ukraine – to Donetsk in fact. Not a place to be, I would have thought, at the present time. But these days his fame has allowed him to practise his art globally, but still one cannot but hope he has not been caught up in the mess that is the eastern part of his country. At present, as well as taking up freelance jobs for fashion houses and mags, he’s an art director for one of the latter – ‘Domino’, popular in his homeland.


Beautiful women in beautiful attire are his bread and butter, but he also likes to use his signature high contrast black and white to dabble in the nude – and here he aims at being provocative so, be warned, some galleries of his work on-line are NSFW. You can also find Chern at his calling in the fashion field on YouTube. He’d like to become more involved in film-making, but concedes the scope for that is limited in Ukraine in the present climate. However, he has produced some shorts, attainable on Vimeo – but the aforementioned proviso applies. In all this there’s nothing shabby or salacious. With Chern be assured – it’s class all the way.


A Chern Gallery – one of many on-line =

Chern on YouTube =

Chern on Vimeo =

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