7 thoughts on “Yarra City View03

  1. Oi tätä kategoriaa lisää!Olin itse viime kesänä vapaaehtoisena thaimaassa ja oi että ne ruoat…tosin paikallisten koulujen ruoat ei aina olleet niin herkkua tai houkuttelevan näköisiä.Olisi kiva kuulla myös vinkkejä thairavintoloista, jotka eivät ole samanlaisia kuin kiinalaiset ravintolat. Oma lempparini on Eerikinkadun Orchid.(vai thai orchid?)


  2. I love black and white outfits, they are very elegant! I think that it depends on the person, I'm 23 and I don't care about what people or designers say, I wear my own style no matter what people will think. And I'm sure that I will do the same when I'm 60 or 80 years old!


  3. He expects a correction in the overall market, but he’s mentioned that he expects Apple’s correction to outperform the market correction.Thus, he probably thinks that even in a downtrend Apple won’t get much lower than this.


  4. bonjour sara !! je reviens souvent sur tes anciens tutos tellement j’adore 🙂 je voulais juste savoir s’il était possible de conserver le mélange shampoing champagne longtemps ?


  5. Lovely post, Henry. I like your analysis of what’s needed to be a successful mentor. It struck me that the mentor-mentee relationship is a little like the grandparent-grandchild relationship. The mentor is concerned for their mentee but not actually responsible for them. There is a little distance between them.


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