It didn’t take long, did it? Those following this blog know I’ve had my rant on this and my prediction has been proved prescient. It is, though, a subject close to my heart and I fear the worse, even if those greedy honchos at the top insist they’re just testing the water. Though it is enshrined in legislation, even though their organisation still makes massive profits with its other services, those Canadians (and, as it turns out, Kiwis) have started our lot thinking. Auspost has surveyed us – well some of us. How would we feel about paying $30pa for our mail delivery services? How would we feel about the postie coming, as in NZ, only thrice a week? As it turns out, in theory this punter wouldn’t be overly concerned about either as long as there are iron-clad assurances that this is where it would end. I doubt though that such assurances would be given such is, it seems, the notion that profit comes before all else. I fear it would be the thin edge of the wedge. And why is it that a mighty organisation cannot tolerate loss making in one sector of its operations, when its overall profit is gargantuan, in the name of a service to the community? All right, I know, the number of letters going through the system is decreasing, but the volume is still massive in anyone’s terms. I love writing letters, I love my philately – it means something to me. Not everything should be about profit excess! Will the greed of giant corporations ever be sated?

And that’s one of the aspects that delighted me about Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ – letters still exist in his version of the not so distant future. In fact Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Theodore Twombly (bottler of a name), is employed to write heartfelt letters for a community no longer able/far too busy to express emotion on paper. In Jonze’s world people walk around conversing with hand held thingamajigs. Computer programmes have reached the stage where their ‘voices’ are no longer merely robotic – they have a ‘mind’ of their own and they have ‘feelings’ – perhaps two facilities the human race are starting to lose! In fact, the voice of the one possessed by Theo is downright sexy with the result our hero falls in love with ‘her’. Of course it would be quite easy for anyone to fall in love with any part of Scarlett Johansson orally playing ‘Samantha’. I spent periods of the movie with my eyes closed, just focusing on the two stars conversing – after all the camera was fixated on Phoenix’s face with little else going on. This is essentially a two hander with Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Olivia Wilde ably taking on the minor roles, with the latter intriguing as Samantha’s surrogate attempting to have the real sex with Theo that Samantha is unable to carry out. It is Samatha’s voice directing proceedings. We do get a great deal of Joaquin in our faces and this film’s ending is enigmatic, but as a treatise on where the world is heading it provides some fodder for pondering. Where are we heading as far as social interaction is concerned? This movie will linger.


I do wonder about the world my generation leaves behind for my granddaughter’s. She is now a ‘big’ girl of almost twenty months and is starting to work out where she fits into the scheme of things, reaching out to the world around her with joy, wonder and acceptance. Already I am writing letters to her and I hope that, as she journeys through life, she knows the joy of, not only receiving mail, but also of sending out her happenings and thoughts through the post. Maybe she will also receive pleasure, as I do, in each new issue of stamps from Auspost, reflecting the innumerable variables of our great land. I wish that she’ll get the same positive feelings each time she places her tongue on the back of one of these mini works of art and affixes it to the corner of an envelope. And it is my great desire that I will be around for long enough to receive many letters from her to me.

But hooray and hooray. In Jonze’s opus books still exist!!!!

The movie’s website = http://www.herthemovie.com/#/home

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    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did – although it is different -and I really do appreciate your comment about the quality of my words


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