Lil' Marie

Last evening she came to visit
Lighting up my Mangoland sojourn
A coffee skinned little warrior child
Daughter of a Kikuyu/Masai dark beauty
She charmed and chortled
Tested her new words, and
Proudly fed herself fruity fare
Lil’ Marie gave me pause to think
To realise, how much I was
My own braveheart, mini-valkyrie
My glorious, glorious granddaughter
Soon, soon to Hobart,
She’ll return
To brightly illuminate my life
Add sheen to my days
It won’t be long, she’ll reach up
Place her tiny hand in
My hoary old one
And we’ll go off together
Explore curiosities
Examine the ticking of the world
I will see it all anew
Through the sparkling azure eyes
Of Tessa Tiger Poppet Gordon

lil marie

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